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Seizure First Aid Initiative:

Charlie's Chance has an ongoing education project to ensure that every educator in the State of Alabama is Seizure First Aid Certified. Since over 500,000 students in our schools across the US are diagnosed with epilepsy, it is critical that all school personnel know the facts of epilepsy, how to recognize seizures, and how to provide Seizure First Aid in the event that a student has a seizure. As a National Ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation of America, I was given the resources provided free, online, on-demand education to schools across our state. Through these efforts, it has been my honor to lay the groundwork for Seizure First Aid curriculum with:

-Over 139 school systems across Alabama

-2  Alabama community college campuses

-Over 2,800 individuals 

Though this progress has been a great source of pride, it is only the beginning!  I would love to partner with your school to ensure that all of our schools are Seizure First Aid Certified.  Click on the Education tab or contact me for more information.

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