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In December 2023, I partnered with Representative Susan Dubose to host the 1st Annual Girls Day at the Capitol with Governor Kay Ivey.  To say that working with these two female role models was a dream come true would be an understatement.   I was honored and humbled to have Representative Dubose and Governor Ivey get behind and partner with me on this event.  Together we joined with one mission in inspire the imagination of the young women that joined us at Girls Day.  With over 200 girls from across the State of Alabama, we celebrated the future female leaders of this great state.  I am a firm believer that this generation of young women are the mover-and-shakers of this world, and it was so inspiring to see so many young women join us at our Capitol.  

Alabama ranks 47th in the country for  female representation and I have no doubt that we made huge progress inspiring that to change with GIrls Day at the Capitol!  Let's be the change ladies!

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